Daisuke Akasaka

Born in 1965 in Tokyo. Studied at Rikkyo University.Started to work as a film critic after stayed in Italy in 1993 and in Portugal in 1994. Produced a showcase series "Cicle de Cinema Portugues"to present portuguese cinema in Japan in 1997 and 1999 in Tokyo in Athenee Francais Cultural Center,with Embassy of Portugal in Tokyo.
Co-publication include "Manoel de Oliveira and Portuguese Cinema"(E/M Books).Co-writing include "Festival de Cinema Portugues 2000"(Asahi shinbun),"Hartmut Bitomsky"(Athenee Francais Cultural Center&Goethe Institute in Tokyo),"Retrospective of Pedro Costa in Tokyo 2004"(Athenee Francais Cultural Center).
Started this cineclub event series "New Century New Cinema"from 2003 with Athenee Francais Cultural Center.
And have been invited to give lecture at Doshisya University, Hosei University, Institute de Francais Tokyo, and at National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo,etc., recently writing for online film magazine La Furia Umana, Desistfilm.com, "Derive", japanese film magazine Kinema Jumpo, Nobody, Chuou University Review,etc.
And I'm a Lecturer at Department of Body Expression and Cinematic Arts, College of Contemporary Psychology in Rikkyo University in 2008~2019.